Factors that Affect Hair, Skin & Nail Health

Let’s face it; there are many circumstances that affect the health of hair, skin and nails, including aging, stress, diet, strong UV rays, hormonal changes, pollution and smoking. Unfortunately, we can’t reverse the clock, but we can slow down the signs of aging with supplementation. Part of the aging process, includes hormonal changes that contribute to thinning hair, sallow skin and dry nails.  A healthy diet and proper supplementation is important to deter nutritional deficiency which is visibly apparent to hair, skin and nails.

Stress can account for hair, skin and nail health. Try to alleviate stress levels with meditation, yoga or simply keeping a positive attitude! Use daily moisturizers, such as Rejuvicare’s Retinol Crème and always apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun for prolonged hours, if possible, avoid the sun during peak hours. If you smoke – quit or at least reduce the habit. Smoking is a culprit for hair, skin and nail health: premature greying and accelerated hair loss, sagging, wrinkled skin with a greyish complexion and discoloration of finger nails. Finally, studies link environmental pollutants’ free radicals to inflammation and wrinkles. These microscopic carbon particles from air pollution, traffic, and soot penetrate into the skin’s dermal layer releasing free radicals.

Rejuvicare – Scientifically Formulated Quality Supplements

Rejuvicare is an advanced line of dietary supplement that has been created to support hair, skin and nails for both women and men. Our anti-aging beauty formulas are designed to work where the aging process begins, on the inside! State-of-the-art technologies are incorporated in the formulas to help restore, revive and beautify from the inside out.

Our quality products offer natural, healthy and pain-free beauty solutions at affordable prices. It’s not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on procedures that may or may not work. Rejuvicare proudly offers unique, efficacious products with proven results from numerous dedicated customers. Trust the brand that not only makes you look better, but the one that also makes you feel better. Trust the product that not only makes you look better, but the one that also makes you feel better. Rejuvicare has infused a balanced blend of vital nutrients from the inside out because natural beauty starts within. Start your Rejuvicare regimen today and see the difference!*

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